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Sustainability Is Smart Capitalism


When Twain said "Buy land, they're not making any more, " he foretold natural asset supply issues still compelling in today’s global capital economy.

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Woke Nuclear?

Pittsburgh at noon in the 1940s with air pollution

A history of nuclear electricity's role in air pollution control since 1957—and the cost of waiting until now for emission credit. 

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The Gripen Sustainability Assessment


Fighter jets as green products?  Saab International offered the Swiss Air Force a greener option based on indexed operational  emission levels.

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Solid Waste Sustainability Assessment


The DC Department of Public Works needed  greener solid waste management options to meet DC Sustainability Goals.  The best option wasn't the obvious one.  

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Savannah River Site Natural Asset Inventory

The Savannah River Site SRS Canyon

An early implementation of Natural Asset Inventory Management at a major Departmentof Energy Facility

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Gulf Coast Asset Management


The role of natural asset capacity in Gulf Coast infrastructure sustainment is provided to experts at the Water Institute of the Gulf. 

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