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Planet A Strategies Inventory

Classical political economy tenets from the 18th century identified land as the singular natural asset in the means of production. For 21st century enterprise, usable quantities of air and water—whether airwave or air permit or acre feet—have joined acreage as independent but equally vital assets that comprise the design basis and operational capability of every public and private enterprise system.  

Managerial accounting practices have not adequately adjusted to the new complexities of sourcing and sustaining air, land, and water required for productivity, or to challenges from supply constraints and demand increases. As a result, natural asset capacity losses have triggered off-shoring, detrimental pricing anomalies, encroachment, and compromised market share for many industries. 

Planet A* Strategies has developed tools and programs needed for public and private enterprise to identify air, land, and water use and access rights as enterprise assets, in turn enabling optimized productivity, reduced operating costs, increased market share, and managed operational risk to the means of production.

Planet A* Asset Management Strategies

  • Enterprise Natural Asset Inventories
  • Design Basis Requirements Identification
  • Source and Supply Security Planning
  • Recapitalization Planning and Investment 

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