Identify — Source — Sustain — Realize

Natural Asset Supply at Risk?


Missing or incorrect information on a financial statement can materially affect Enterprise value and the bottom line.  Increasingly, productivity-dependent air, land, and water supply information is material as well as operational consideration in Enterprise whose fiduciary duties answer to stockholders or any form of public trust.  Reporting systems focused on "impact" assessment do not provide a full value picture on sustainment of Enterprise operability or ultimate productivity.  

In today's rationed natural asset markets, public and private enterprise leaders must demonstrate that:

1) shareholders and taxpayers are the primary beneficiaries of enterprise investment in natural asset capacity optimization, 

2) earned natural asset savings are accruing to the bottom line, not defaulting back to regulators for redistribution to competitors, and 

3) natural asset capacity is being sourced and sustained to prevent risk of reduced or interrupted enterprise operations. 

Planet A* Strategies™ has the tools enterprise needs to track and report whether and how investment in Natural Asset capacity is generating internal return through market share, price validation, credits, or combinations thereof.  Our processes provide the data, information, and knowledge to  assure operational and investment decisions are avoiding subsidy for the competition as well as securing natural asset supplies to prevent operational risk.   Planet A* can help level the green playing field and assure return on planetary investment is realized by those underwriting a sustainable future. 

Planet A* Risk and Value Management Strategies

  • Material Risk Assessment and Abatement 
  • Operational and Transactional Due Diligence Inputs 
  • Siting. Acquistition, and Divestiture  Planning 
  • Regional/Global Subsidy Evaluation 

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