Identify — Source — Sustain — Realize

Planet A* Strategic Services

Natural Asset Accounting


  • Enterprise Natural Asset Inventories
  • Design Basis Requirements Identification
  • Source and Supply Security Planning
  • Credit and Capacity Optimization  
  • Recapitalization Planning and Investment 

Risk and Value Management


  • Material Risk Assessment and Abatement 
  • Operational and Transactional Due Diligence Inputs 
  • Siting. Acquistition, and Divestiture  Planning 
  • Regional/Global Subsidy Evaluation 

Operational Asset Analytics

Planet A Strategies Analytics

  • Operational Gap Analysis: Surplus, Deficiency, and Credit Identification
  • Operational Capacity Assessments:  Baselines, Allocation, Performance Metrics 
  • Green Market Assessment and Optimization

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