Identify — Source — Sustain — Realize

Got Productivity?


Managing supplies of natural asset operating capacity has eclipsed last century’s 'compliance' paradigm as the key to optimized production output.   Today's public and private enterprise must source and sustain a quantifiable portfolio of air, land, and water asset capacity to meet productivity and performance requirements.  

Built infrastructure emplacement, supply and process materiel, residual absorption, and safety setbacks are critical design basis and operational requirements that demand air, land, and water capacity to sustain the Enterprise means of production.  How efficiently natural asset capacity  is used affects pricing, market share, public fisc allocations, and overall Enterprise value.

Planet A* Natural Asset Strategiesprovide advanced analytic tools to assess capacity gaps, inform recapitalization investment, lower costs, support green market access, and avoid competitive subsidization so enterprise can maximize stakeholder and shareholder value. 

Planet A* Operational Asset Analytics

  • Operational Capacity Assessments: Portfolio to Performance
  • Operational Gap Analysis: Deficiency, Surplus, and Credit Identification
  • Credit and Capacity Optimization
  • Green Market Assessment

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